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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
looking clear, how do you like the cal aqua nano pipes?
They work!

I got them for the 60F. I was afraid that I wouldn't get good water circulation with the 60P as the nano pipes isn't designed for it, but it seems like the water is circulating just fine. I can see the plants in the far corner moving gently with the water current. So, there shouldn't be any standing water anywhere in the tank.

Plus, the shorter form factor is an advantage aesthetically as it takes up less tank space hence block less of the view.

Lastly, I now really appreciate the shorter pipes as it solves one of my problems. The Gertrudaes are better at hunting for food as they pick the food off the water surface. Whereas, the Danios wait for the food to come down to them. So, I was overfeeding the Gertrudaes and underfeeding the Danios when I merely drop the pellets on top of the water's surface.

The shorter output pipes is shooting out closer to the water's surface. This means, if I put the pellet food at the mouth of the pipe's output, it then shoots the food directly to where the Danios are. So, now I put half the food on the far side of the tank from the tubes, and the other half directly at the mouth of the output tube, and all the fishes will get their fair share.

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