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About a month ago, I picked up some fishes and shrimps the same time I bought the 60P. I think that was a mistake. The tank water and filter was from a used tank, so the water was cycled but only half of it was as the new tank's volume is larger than my old one, a 60F. So, 2 of 3 CRS, 3 of 8 Gertrudae and 12 of 12 Brigittae died all within 3 days of setting up the tank. Since then, I've not lost a fish. I also added 6 more shrimps a few weeks ago,. And, I've not lost a single livestock. My tank must be fully cycled.

To test, I went to the store I picked up the 60P and bought some more Brigittae and see whether they will make it. I only picked up 4 just in case they don't. I brought the fishes home and used my new TDS meter to test the water. The store's tank water was at 600 TDS. I didn't know they can get that high.

My tank water now is about 140 TDS and was probably at below 50TDS when I first set the tank up. Back then, I didn't have the meter, so, although I acclimated the fishes before dumping them into the tank, I couldn't have acclimated the fishes with such a high variance between the tank waters' TDS.

This time around, with my TDS in hand, I carefully lowered the 600 TDS tank water down to 170ish before dumping the fishes into my tank. Took me half a day. At first, I was replacing the LFS' tank water with my tank water, 140 TDS replacing 600 TDS. After about 4 hours of replacing water, I could only get it down to 400. So, I then put the bowl directly under the RO filter faucet and turned it on just enough, so it was dripping a drop per second. My RO water is 18 TDS, so this would get the TDS lower faster.

After about an hour, I finally got the TDS down to 170. Then, I dumped the fish into the water. That was Saturday. Today is Monday, so it's been a good 48 hours. No fatalities so far. The fishes look fine. They are swimming and competing for food with the resident fishes fairly well. The Brigittaes I had before were not competing for food.

Dunno why the LFS' water's TDS is so friggin high. And, I found out another thing. The fishes I got is not Brigittae. Turns out they are Boraras Urophthalmoides.

While at the store, I also picked up a few bunches of Rotala Butterfly and a few stems of Staurogyne Repens. The Staurogyne was named Tropica 49. Never heard of it, but thought the plant is pretty as the stem is long and leaves are structured. Only learned after I got home that what I bought is Staurogyne Repens which is what people on this forum use as foreground "lawn" plant. I intend to grow it taller like I do with my Bonsai plants.

Another update is I've been searching for a macro photography solution. I don't want to buy a macro lens because I won't use it anywhere else except for the tank. And, my tank isn't interesting enough to warrant a $1k purchase of a stellar macro lens. I picked up a vintage macro lens on ebay for $12 which is a good lens but is noisy if pic is enlarged. So, I guess this is what they mean when they say a lens is not good for "digital".

So, I bought a diopter for my 17-55mm f2.8 lens. Got the B+W 77mm +5 version. Now, I can get my lens up to about 4" away from the subject. And, with a 55mm plus 1.5x crop factor, I now have a decent macro lens. I experimented with it yesterday, but I couldn't get too any satisfactory photos with it. Just when I was about to give up, I randomly took a few shots at about 8-10" distance from the subject.

When I was closer to the subject between 4"-6", the subject appears to be in focus through the eye piece and the camera was able to auto focus on the subject with no effort. The image looks great on the camera's screen too. But, when viewing on my 32" 1080p monitor, they all look blurry. Then, when I was shooting at between 8"-10" from the subject, I then got a few decent shots. The shots are not as close up but it's good enough for me.

Here's a few of the good ones:

Finally, here's a FTS. The glass is getting a little fuzzy so will be needing a good glass scraper. Been using a toothbrush which works well on the 60F but too short for the 60P.

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