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Originally Posted by ua hua View Post
How is the rotala magenta doing? I came to the conclusion that I can't grow the rotala macrandra in my tank. I don't quite know what to think as the rotala magenta became very stunted on the new growth and started to get some hair algae on it so it became compost before it spread to anything else. The rotala macrandra that I have planted twice looked really good for a few weeks then it started to melt from the bottom up. I have been thinking about a plant to put in the place of the rotala and everytime I look at your tank the Patanal stands out so that is the plant that I need to find now.
It did very well.
I've failed a few times with it in the past on other tanks(CO2, patience etc), but it's always around. Ludwigia spaerocarpa is more interesting and better behaved and at 10-15$ per stem............and very easy for me to that's hard to argue with.

Pantanal might do better for you, R macrandra is easier than magenta IME.

Tom Barr
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