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how should i sell my shrimps!?

when u walking into pet store at parking lot , somebody approach at u and asking
hey u want these for $10???
is it weird????

i been running these tanks
and u know shrimp breed crazy
i cant afford food for all of them
i have to sell them but i want to sell them all in one day (maybe a cheap and fast way)
i dont like online and i dont like each of person come to my house for pickup

so every 3 months, i happened to pack 30bags of shrimp/ endlers and crayfish selling them on street

i can open a vendor in big flea market or i sell them at parking lot of petstores

is it illegal or should i be careful of something ......?
advice needed...

when i open a vendor in flea market i have to pay $60
so i would sell these shrimps for $20
however on parking of petstore, i want $10
its kinda fun selling them person to person lol

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