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Originally Posted by ony View Post
At the moment there are lots of interesting shapes fighting for attention so you never take in the whole tank. Some of the pieces of wood are pointing one way and others are pointing the opposite direction which breaks up the flow of the tank and make it feel a little chaotic. Its not a bad thing if you want a jungle theme but if you were aiming for that manicured scaped look you need to rethink the hardscape. Look at scapes you like and try and work out why you like them and how it was achieved.
I agree. I think the tank looks fantastic, however, you seem to have the focal point as the empty area in the exact center of the tank with the driftwood/rock pieces framing it.

I would perhaps keep the large driftwood piece on the left exactly where it is at, move the driftwood piece on the right to the middle (or out of the tank altogether?), and move the "open" area to the right of the tank. This would create a sloping effect from left to right.

In essence though it is your tank. Do what makes you feel comfortable and what you will enjoy looking at. After all, you are the one that gets to come home and look at it everyday, not us!
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