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Well THAT sure was stressful...assisted molting

I was changing out the spraybar in my OEBT tank when I noticed some activity. Looked down and one of my OEBTs was stuck in a molt. I noticed her because two others ran to her 'assistance' (if you call assistance trying eat her I suppose). I don't have but a handful of OEBTs so even one death makes a huge dent in the population. After some fancy finagling I managed to scoop her out into a bowl. With shaky hands, a LOT of swearing and a kabob skewer and plant tweezers I somehow managed to get her out. I tried for a good 10 minutes when I finally got the front legs (the molted legs, not her good legs) and grabbed with the tweezers and shook her back and forth a few times and she fell right out of the skin, got upright and swam around. Of course, now I pray she makes it through the stress and that I didn't injure her further in my attempts to help. She looks ok...just very tired. Good gravy that was nerve wracking. Now to try to figure out why she ran into issues in the first place.
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