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So..maybe red-toned plants, really dark ones, or really screaming lime light colored ones. I think all the green things in the tank help reflect more of that same-colored light, making them all look green. Hopefully a couple of red plants in showy bunches can help that.

And I'm reasonably sure it's not cyanobacteria, it doesn't have cyanobacteria does. The algae I have is an extremely short, single strand fuzz type that the platies munch on all day. It doesn't grow on the substrate, but loves the slower-growing plants and is a fine layer on all the decor reached by light. I've been told by some other aquarium enthusiasts that I need to either cut the light(Which I'm attempting to do with duckweed) or add CO2(Keeping my eye out for an affordable setup). I'm pretty religious about water changes to keep the nitrates down, so I think I just have an aquarium that makes plants(even nonvascular ones) really happy.
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