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Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
They are a river fish, so good turnover rate/current is appreciated for them to show any activity level. Otherwise, sponge filtration and a powerhead is great for them. They like driftwood, as they like to squeeze into tight spaces to feel secure. They get a little over 2", and can take temps from 75-86 with a wide range of hardness. They are insectivores in teh wild, but take frozen or dried foods pretty readily in the tank.

Ha,forgot to include tank size- they don't need a big tank, 20 long would be MORE than adequate, and a group could probably be kept in a 10 or 15 with adequate flow.
awesome!! thanks! it just so happens that i have a 20 long, and guess what, its got good flow and lots of wood! hmmmm, i wonder what i should put in it?!
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