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Originally Posted by AUvet14 View Post
You'll never be done changing. I'm always making subtle changes to my tank and i've had it going on 2 years now. That's part of the fun of it.

Pretty angels I kinda want some angels but my tank isn't big enough, plus, I think I've fallen in love with my school of rasboras and all my shrimp. lol.

True, true. I really do enjoy changing things. One reason I haven't concidered Discus. Very impressive fish, but from all that I have learned about them through reading, they need a very low maintenance tank with plants that don't require too much pruning to keep hands in to a minimum and without constant changes to thrive. We would be a terrible match because I always have my hands in my tank

Thank you for the Angel compliment. I adore them. I wanted some shrimpies but have to wait a looong time before I even attempt it with my Angels. Rivercats successfully keeps Angels with Shrimp, but the tank is full of plants. I will get there one of these days
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