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It's not the PH but GH that started dropping. Nevermind about the GH dropping. I just checked my log while typing this and saw it's been steady at 3 since I started checking it a couple months ago. Was a different tank that runs about 6-7. Oops. Guess that's why I started using GH booster 2x/week. What is a good number for GH? I thought I read about 6-7 was good. Or does it really matter as long as it's steady?

My KH does run only about 3 dkh but holding steady now for several weeks since I changed my substrate to STS. I don't add baking soda but do have oyster shell grit in the filter.

Actually my PH skyrocketed 2 weeks ago. It's usually been about 6.4-6.8 at most but it went up to 7.6. I was experimenting with doing water changes every 2 weeks instead of weekly. And just a couple days before that water change is when it tested so high. I'm still testing some things weekly until I get ferts, new substrate, water change routine, etc dialed in. Don't think the every 2 weeks water change schedule is going to work out .. nitrates build up to much and the PH rises a lot. FYI, I do NOT dose KNO3.

After my last water change a couple days ago I used an airtight container and shook the daylights out of it, then poured a little into the tank but the bulk directly into the HOB. Added some more water, shook hard again, repeated until only a few smaller chunks was left which ended up in the HOB. That method seemed to work really good. I guess the shaking is way more effected than my mashing and vigorous stirring. LOL

So everyone's input and suggestions were helpful and very much appreciated.
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