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Originally Posted by Silmarwen View Post
So. Funny story. I had a computer science minor for two whole semesters.

But I flunked one course entirely because they had us programming in binary. Legit, typing in ones and zeroes, translating binary integers to signed integers and 1's compliment and 2's compliment and all sorts of insane stuff. Questions on tests like, "What is the 8-bit 2'sComp way of writing the number 37?" and "Add 01011101 to 11010010 and give the answer in Hex."

After I took an incomplete in one class and failed "Fundamentals of Computer Organization (Binary-class)", I gave up. Which sucked, because I struggled through a college algebra course in order to actually get into the prereq for the minor in the first place (Intro to Java, which I aced...) and I wasted so much time and money on it...
So you failed because you did not study the classwork assigned? You signed up for a class that was a Binary class, did you expect different course material? That's like taking Calculus and not expecting to do calculus.

Same issue you are having complications with this class after they laid out what was expected in the syllabus on day one? The instructor said on day one if you didn't have time take it at a later date... Even if it was due nov 28 you are talking a little over a hour a week. Everybody says the instructor is easy, you said all you do is talk about Harry Potter in class, so you have one actual assignment where the instructor gives you the whole semester and you are having issues with it? If you are on the forums you clearly have free time. In a whole semester you couldn't request a day or two off of work if you are truly that busy?

It's one thing to complain about a horrible instructor, it's another to be to lazy to do the required course work that is described in the syllabus on day one... you had a whole semester to make preparations. That is nobodies fault but yourself.

Sorry, I am in college and my biggest pet peeve is when students complain about things that were told to them on day one and try to wiggle out of it. You knew what was expected, it has been your choice not to do it (or withdraw).

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