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Cloudy water - a little trick

Hi all,

Ever since my last rescape, I've had real issues with perpetually cloudy water caused by extremely fine dust from sand that I forgot to wash.

In the past couple of months I've tried 90% water changes and any number of possible remedies... different filter flosses/wools including JBL symec micro, purigen and as a last resort Seachem Clarity flocculant. None of which worked in the slightest.

However, I then stumbled across these 1 micron 'filter socks' on ebay - I can't link to them but they're the big 18" socks designed for cleaning vegetable oil and biodiesel. Worth a shot, I thought.

Well they arrived on Saturday, and with a little bit of chopping and brute force I now have one entirely encasing the media basket in my filter - impossible for any water to get through the filter without passing through the sock.

And within two days my water is much, much clearer. Not quite gin-clear yet, but getting there. So I figured I'd put this thread up for anyone else that might be struggling with similar issues. You might need a little ingenuity to get them to fit in your filter (or just attach one to your filter outlet if you don't mind the sight of it), and you do loose a certain amount of flow, but definitely worth it.

48 hour before and after comparison -

Hope that helps someone,

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