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I know two people that appeared as though they were going no where. The first recently got his first million dollars! I knew this kid his whole life..... He was in college for seven years before my buddy ( his dad) told him to get off the freebe wagon. It was within one year and bam
! He hits it big - why. Because he worked his butt off for free in the beginning and was lucky!

The second did not work for 15 years, drank and played video games. He now makes upward of 200 K a year. They both work in San Francisco for game developers.

True and amazing..for both it was who they knew and being in the right place at the right time. Work for free if you have to for a few months, let a perspective employer see what you have to offer.

I need to hire some people myself. I look for energetic people that have good people skills and no major monkeys ( drugs , depression etc). I really would rather train a person than have to re- teach one, as it is much easier to mold than reshape. Having said that I think you can be a star if you want it and are willing to work it.

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