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tank reboot

I've made strides in trimmings to divvy for our last swap and really have an inclination to rescape my planted tanks entirely.

Much of the emphasis in the hobby have been towards ensuring that all livestock, flora and fauna survive and thrive with little regard to tank asthetics. If there is an antithesis to Igwami, my tank would be it. I hope my new scape will be based on the rule of thirds and the fauna and flora selection based on the rule of 3 (economics)

As I embark on new projects with planning and parts coming in for two new tank setups, the opportunity and space offers me a chance for redemption.
  • CO2 setup on 55g
  • LED Flood Lamps 10w + 20w
  • Safe-t-sorb substrate charging
  • migrating my established 5.5g setups to new 10g tanks
  • Moss themed tank
  • Fern themed tank
  • new grow out tank

Lastly, until saving to convert my light fixtures to all finnex ray II lamps.

Not that time is already a scarce commodity, I also picked up a Schuber Wright 8.9 gallon tank project for a friend to setup and scape in the meanwhile. Lots of work ahead but charged with inspration from all of our meets and outtings of late.

So I hope this will be a record of my projects and not a tank journal persay to document my work head. Hopefully it would inspire others to consider doing things differently as well.

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