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New Tank Help

Hi folks-

I Just joined the forum and I'm looking for solid advice to help me set up the planted tank of my dreams. I currently have a fish only 37 gallon eclipse tank. I have had saltwater in the past, but I'm looking to have a lush planted tank which I've always dreamed of.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a marine land 56 gallon column tank. I think that the depth and heigh this tank offers would be ideal for a planted tank. I envision staggering the aqua-scape to create interest at every height of the tank. I want it to be lush and full of life.

Here's where I need help. I will explore the forum tons (I've been stalking it without being a member for years).

What substrate do I use? Do I just add all the plants at once or should I do it slowly like you would add fish to build up the bioload?

Ideal filtration and devices for water circulation...

Current lighting I have is a 10k 65w daylight and 65w blue actinic is this enough?

Do I need a c02 tank or can I simply supplement with liquid c02 and all the commercial products they sell??

Thanks for your help and patience!

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