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Originally Posted by devilduck View Post
This was my first GCCA meet and my first fish show. It was pretty nice!
A bit overwhelming for a beginner like me and a non-cichild person.

One of the vendors had this really nice long metaframe that that was really cool. I also fell in love with a large royal pleco one of the vendors had.
Unfortunately, My 55 gallon tank is occupied by a 8 inch fish eating red ear slider.

Bought some great plants from John Hoerning and a pair of emporer tetras from the ChiKA table.
When I went to my first Swap about a year ago, I was overwhelmed as well. I wasn't sure what to expect and it was too much to take in on my first trip.

I gotta say though, you will find a lot of good deals on everything. With it also being a cichlid group, they do have other fish than cichlids too (mostly cichlids though). Discus, corys, shrimp, rainbows, livebreeders, tetras, and bettas. Plants are scattered throughout as well. Lots of food, some tanks, filters, heaters, lights, driftwood, etc. It's a nice mixture of stuff.

GCCA usually posts a vendor list of a general idea of what people are going to be bringing as well as a layout so you can find the people easier. I'd recommend checking them out prior to the swap so you have a plan of action at least. Also, the vendors take preorders if you contact them ahead of time as well if you are looking for something in particular.

chevyguy8893, hopefully you can make it to the next one. Ton of people to meet as well as great stuff to purchase.

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