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For those who received my samples of repashy soilent green, i dug this site up on making the stuff. its pretty straight forward and takes minutes to mix.

@Bluek24a4, hope to see you out next time dude. Let us know if you are looking for any plants that you may have lost during the storm. im sure we collectively can help piece together whatever you need.

I started dosing with Edward's ferts today. Actually running several controlled experiments at the moment with EI, dry pps pro, my own premixed formulation, miracle gro 8-7-6 formulation and now edwards ferts. crazy right? Also in the works to setup new tanks and work with a sponsor here to get several finnex ray2 lamps so i will be fairly tied up for the next several weeks.

Can we all take a snapshot of our tanks today and for our next meet, come back to compare the results of the ferts?

I encourage people to setup some local LFS tours to support our local economy and keep an eye out for exotics available locally. This is what we're great at on the forums. If we can get a large party to venture into Jersey again, i think we can weigh in and get the prices down like we did before.

Will be leaving feedback for all the swaps i did today as well as process the RAOK which i was unable to ship out this saturday due to lack of fuel. These are challenging times but im glad to see so many hobbyists helping each other out. I must say a majority of the plants and livestock swapped are definitely not available locally at any LFS in the tristate so there's value in coming out, not to mention meeting people who share a passion for these tanks that hold water and other stuff

Honestly, it was the first time an auction was conducted for our community. Obviously some kinks here and there but i thought it was way better than how the last BAS auction started out. Everything was sold and there were some really great deals to be had. It was just fun seeing people glance at things, maybe give it a second thought, bid or watch others bid. Its not so much that anyone needed anything but more so coming out to raise money for the aquarium and have a bit of fun along the way.

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