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Your pH Question

Originally Posted by dhuffer View Post
Hi there...... Is a slight Ph change when adding to the population normal? I have a 55 gal planted tank that is a few months old (and has been cycled) The first time I added fish I added 4 fish, a Cory cat and 3 Gouramis. Waited and tested water daily for a week the next weekend I added 5 more Tetras so we are up to nine. Waited another week testing daily. water stayed fine nitrate 20ppm nitrite 0ppm and ammonia 0pmm. That brings me to this last weekend I put a total of 6 more. 3 Tetras & 3 Angelfish. That was Friday night I tested Saturday night and my Ph that has been running right around 6.6-7.0 had dropped to about 6.4 or a little less. I do weekly water changes and everything has been staying pretty much stable until this last weekend... I tested again this morning and it has not dropped any farther but still. I like to stay on top of things before they become an issue...
Hello d...

Unless you keep rare fish, you don't need to be concerned with pH, hardness or any of that kind of thing. As long as the water chemistry remains fairly stable, your fish will adapt to your tap water. Just treat it for the standard toxins like ammonia, chlorine and chloramine.

Large, frequent water changes will also maintain the water properties.


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