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Saturday, I went to Shark Aquarium with my roommate. It was very hard to find and needed to take multiple loops around.

Eventually found the place, and they have a nice selection. Sad, I couldn't find Rams.

I ended up picking up about 10 rummynose, and two odd ball Loaches that I once had. These were more mature then the ones I had (bigger and fatter). They were my favorite fish around March->June. I didn't have a proper tank for them, because they like a high flow tank.

I am excited to add these buggers back to my tank.

I used to live down the Street from Reef Encounter. My impression of the place is really bad. A lot of dead fish, or sickly fish. The place was very dirty. I found myself going to Fish Hut, Absolutely Fish, and Fish Town (even though the place was down the street)

anything I was looking for Reef Encounter did not have. - Maybe at the time they did not, and I have been to places not so impressed and came back and was like WOW! they have those!

Well, Hoboken Fish Emporium - was the store I was referring too. But since they lost all their fish due to the power outage. I probably will not return for another month or two. They didn't even have clown loaches, rummynose, cardinals. - so I was not impressed.

I should have gone to Fish Hut this past weekend (they had a blowout sale) that I forgot about. *SAD FACE*
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