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Ph shift?

Hi there...... Is a slight Ph change when adding to the population normal? I have a 55 gal planted tank that is a few months old (and has been cycled) The first time I added fish I added 4 fish, a Cory cat and 3 Gouramis. Waited and tested water daily for a week the next weekend I added 5 more Tetras so we are up to nine. Waited another week testing daily. water stayed fine nitrate 20ppm nitrite 0ppm and ammonia 0pmm. That brings me to this last weekend I put a total of 6 more. 3 Tetras & 3 Angelfish. That was Friday night I tested Saturday night and my Ph that has been running right around 6.6-7.0 had dropped to about 6.4 or a little less. I do weekly water changes and everything has been staying pretty much stable until this last weekend... I tested again this morning and it has not dropped any farther but still. I like to stay on top of things before they become an issue...

55gal. Planted Freshwater tank, 2x Fluval HOB C4 power filters, 48" T-5 Fluorescent Fixture with a 54w 10,000k daylight & 54w Actinic light 3 Gouramis, 1 Cory Cat. 10 Tedras & 3 Angels.
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