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Dumb mistake I think

So I have shipped out some frogbit and dwl lately. I pull a little from all my tanks so each tank still has a good amount. I also did some pulling and throwing away of some as well since I was over crowded in most of my tanks.

What is wrong with that you ask... Well either when I grabbed some out of my tb tank to ship or to throw away I think I scooped up my smaller of 2 blue bolts.....:-(. As he is no where to be found in the tank. I do shake the frogbit and dwl out in the water before I pull it and I will usually feel a shrimp movin if there is one. I did not feel anything and now I can't locate him. I hope he is just hiding real good. But I have put spinach out and they all came to a shrimp ball minus him. Please send good wishes he shows up, or dang I have one lucky customer for 5$ or a dead shrimp in my bushes out front

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