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I actually wanted to get some loaches, but read some bad things about them hunting shrimp. My tanks about as safe as you can get right now with only a few otto's and cory cats.

I also thought about assassins, but also read mixed reports on them although they seem to be safe for the most part. As they're snails though how much do they breed? I know they eat other snails, but don't want to have to hunt them down to get them out later if they breed like rabbits lol

I have no idea what kind of snails I have, but know that I've never seen any bigger than around the size of a bb. I've seen some flat ones with the swirl in the middle, but most just have circular brownish shells.

I'm going to look into the assassin's some more, but am leaning towards redoing the tank as I'm not really heavily planted. Would boiling clear the cholla? Is putting the old water back in the tank a good idea as far as keeping the bacteria in and the water the same?
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