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Kayen's 5g Fluval Chi - Iwagumi - 56K beware

Got bored. 10 gallon was looking ugly.
Tore it down, had extra substrate, picked the tank off kijiji for $40.
Didn't use stock filter/light. instead threw together some stuff I had laying around...

Substrate: Fluval Stratum
Lighting: 2x13w desklamps - trying to get a 10" Finnex FugeRay
Filtration: zoomed 501 canister filter - all the media was random stuff I had stuffed in my AC20, so filter media is already mature.
CO2: Paintball canister with cheap regulator - getting a new one soon.
Heater: NONE I was using a 150W in my 10, but that won't be feasible in this tank since i broke the temperature adjustment knob....
Any suggestions?

Plants: Dwarf Hairgrass
Rocks: Seiryuu
Fish: 3 x Sparrow Rasbora, 3 x Stiphodons (all 3 are different species...), Cherry Shrimp (7-8)

Tank in set up:

This is from last night.


After live stock:

More pics once I get the DSLR out.

EDIT - DSLR shots
Sorry for double post but,

Here's some pics of setup,
(.mko doing some planting)

Testing the CO2:

Full tank shot:


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