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Looking for Aquascaping Suggestions on my 75gal

So this is my 75 gallon I've had running since about August ish. I have medium to high light and use duckweed to keep the PAR down to something manageable as I made a mistake in lightning when I bought a new fixture. I don't have any CO2 and the substrate is own brand. I have Water Wisteria, Stargrass, Willow Hygro, a little Sunset Hygro, an Anubias nana, an unknown sword, some Java Moss, several unknown stem plants and one rooted plant, and several Java Fern plants. I have a few granite rocks that have been somewhat overtaken, three different artificial tree root decorations, and a few small pieces of driftwood. The one large piece still isn't completely soaked up and requires a rock on one end to keep it from bobbing to the surface.

I'd enjoy hearing some aquascaping tips from you guys. I'm a long-time lurker and really only understand basics like rules of thirds and placing taller plants in the background. Right now the tank is set up somewhat like a greek theatre, with a rounded flat area at the front and increasingly taller items all the way to the back. My hope is to eventually propogate my wisteria into a background plant across the entire aquarium rear; I can probably achieve that before Christmas with the way I have to keep pruning and planting the cuttings.

I'm open to ideas also in terms of replacing the hardscape elements, but it would help me if you could point me to an image of what you're suggesting.
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