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This is really sounding like a journal now, what with only me saying anything ^^

Anyhow, here are pics of the lovely Miss Puff!

This is my absolute favorite pic of her :}

She is EVERYthing people have been saying about Pea Puffers: Cute, intelligent, tiny, and incurably curious! She was hunting the instant she was released into the tank!

Now, don't think there won't be Dario Dario in this tank; there will be!
However, my SO is thinking about getting some Pea Puffers (my fishyness is rubbing off on him!), so should he set up a tank, he'll get her and maybe another. Until then, I get to keep a fish I wouldn't have otherwise.

And finally, some pics of my DIY CO2. I really wasn't ever planning to have any CO2 in this tank, but eventually I couldn't say no to the part of me that wants to try everything.
It's ugly and bulky, but effective so far!

To diffuse the CO2 into the water column, I devised this:

Took a bit off the end of my water vacuum and pushed a good quantity of filter fiber into it. I then put that on the end of the tube connected to the yeast bottle, using a zip tie to tighten it on there. The floss makes the bubbles smaller, which then get sucked into the intake of my filter. I'm excited to see how it affects my plant's growth!

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