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Originally Posted by Crob5965 View Post
I had a horrible snail problem about a month ago in a planted tank.....

you could also try Yoyo loaches they would help out and I haven't heard of them messing with shrimp before but I would research them more if your going that route
^^ +1 yo-yos are awesome snail hunters

Although if you go this route there's a few things that you need to know:
  • YoYos love tight spaces such as caves, rocks, driftwood etc… the tighter the better, they can wedge themselves in like an eel
  • Get at least two of them - they are social and do best in groups of 2-6
  • They do dig a bit - they do this when they're on the hunt
  • They are known to frolic (sometimes knocking my plants out of the gravel)
  • They leave larger snails alone - like apples, zebras, etc etc however are crazy to watch hunt pond snails
  • make sure if you have tie downs that you're doing it with thread, I had a fish line incident with one a few months back that was not fun for me or the loach - on a side note they have some bite when you're trying to help them and hold them down --
  • They have done OK with my tank with co2 injection, just acclimate them to it slowly
  • I'm not sure if they eat ghosties, I do end up putting about a dozen or so into the tank every week - they do have the hard outside like a snail although I've never witnessed it
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