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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
Hello, you still want the sandy area like a river bank yeah? ADA has some decorative sands to choose from:

you know about the aquasoil types already it looks like. Yeah you can add a layer of power sand underneath the aquasoil for more nutrients and the added bacteria. actually you would probably be fine using straight aquasoil too.
Well what I want to know is if there are any particular advantages worth buying the bacter for example... especially if I get something like the power sand... I want my' water to be very clear as well and ada has products for that but if super clear is one of them and the power sand contains it and bacter, do I need to buy either? Also, I've been looking on ADA's site and have been wondering where they have a dechlorinator or if I even need anything like that with their' products.. If you were to compile a list of things you'd get based on what I've described so far, what would it be? Suggestions welcome definitely!
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