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sorry, was a bit busy this weekend building some new tanks

@ Shrimp and ddrfreak_tung- Thanks!! the frogs are loving it! for once, i am proud of a tank i built! LOL

@Duff- yup, it is truly a testament to how hardy these frogs are. 2 months without fresh water or food and he survived. truly astonishing to say the least. i fed my little guys about 2 dozen large crickets this afternoon, and there are 3 left. so i'm thinking i can put them into the tank in another week or so. i really wanted to wait another 2 weeks, but i need the quarantine bin for my other red eye.

@learner- some of the coco fiber was [ut on with silicone and some with titebond. anything that as in a tight area got brown silicone, just in case the coco fiber eroded away. at least i would still be left with a brown spot. so far, the titebond is holding up well. the background, as well as the land mass were all done with GS. i think i used 12 cans in all. a lot of it as wasted carving it out though. oh, and some of the background was covered in grout and sealed with titebond. that, for the most part, it holding up well too. i have a few cracks, but that was my fault. i should have done a layer or two more of grout. lesson learned.
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