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Originally Posted by Acro View Post
Most good frog sources will say that a ACF should be kept in a 10 gallon.

This link:

Talks about the Grow-A-Frog kits that are hardly proper housing for a ACF.

Can a ACF live in a 6 gallon tank? Sure. Can a human live in a closet? Sure. Would either be happy? Not likely.

Please do more research! There are many wonderful frog forums out there and many ACF care sheets and books. Please find them and read up!

Good Luck.
This tank is actually going to be longer than a 10 gallon. I realize it is not 100% ideal but based on what I've seen/read I think he will be fine. Comparing a human living in a closet vs the entire world is hardly a good comparison for a 7 gallon tank vs a 10 gallon tank haha.
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