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Hardiest Caridina?

As the title implies, I'm wondering what the 'hardiest' species or Caridina is? Looking for something hardy to keep with my pumpkins/orange shrimp; I don't have my water paramters at the moment, but know my pH is around 7.4-7.6 and the temp is 75-76.

Not sure about TDS, GH or KH, but know those play a bigger part in successfully keeping caridinas over neos as they're more sensitive. I have been keeping regular Tiger shrimp in the tank for about 3 months, but the population has dwindled from 12 to maybe 4 since then. Mainly random die-offs from age me thinks as they were pretty big when I got them. I did find a few "half" carcasses though... pretty odd considering I know the cories didn't do it.

Just looking to see what you guys think the hardiest breeds of caridina are. I'll update the page with my water parameters as soon as I can take them. I have everything but a TDS tester, but am thinking about getting one of those tonight on Amazon. Want to get moving on any shrimp related activities before the weather drops : )
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