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Redoing the tank, help with snails...

I know this has been asked a billion times, but I've got a serious snail issue and here's what I'm thinking about doing. I have a 20 gallon tank, with around 50 orange shrimp, maybe 4 tigers, few cories, and lots of moss.

I figure the easiest and most sure fire way of killing them all is to just remove all the shrimp, dump the tank, boil the cholla/wood, and quarantine the plants to pick through at a later date. Now I don't want to shock my little shrimp too much so I assume the easiest thing to do is to put them in a new tank with their old filter/sponge and a some of their old (snail free) tank water.

My second question is once I get the main tank snail free and want to transfer them back what's the safest way to do it? Should I bucket out 5 gallons of their current tank water and just pour it back in? I hope to accomplish all this in a day so they shouldn't be in the bucket for all that long. Basically I don't want to screw up their environment too much as my tanks established and they've been breeding very well over the past few months.

Also wanted to ask about the best way to clean the plants once I get them out? Is there a certain dip that's best? Dip them soak in water, what's the dealio?

Same thing for the sponge filter and HOB filter. Figure it's best to keep them as dirty as possible for bacteria so is it best to just pick through those the best I can?

Any advice would be appreciated. The snails are the bane of my existence... I really hate the little buggers lol. Probably picked 40 out in the past month and it hasn't made a dent.. new ones every day it seems.
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