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Good news this week is that the glosso is finally starting to plane out in certain sections and grow low instead of up. I've learned a lot about my tank from this plant. I'm going to start mixing my own ferts for this tank. Been having some trouble getting things shipped out here to nyc after sandy. I've upgraded my needle valve to the Fabco NV-55-18 (but am still waiting for it to be delivered).
I'm going to have to make another run to home depot to get some couplings and a 1/8" barb for the valve. Looking forward to it though. Just purchased an aws scale for measuring the dry ferts I'm gonna mix for the EI dosing.
got the scale off of amazon along with a 100g calibration weight.

gonna be on the hunt for some nice bottles to mix my solutions in. any suggestions where one may find some quality 500ml containers?
So the big news this week is the change in growth for the glosso and the pending shipments that are one the way. A big shout out to for their excellent customer service. I had a package of dry ferts get lost at the post office here in the city and they reshipped me the package via ups immediately after I notified them. Very happy with their company.

parting shots: fabco nv-55-18; aws scale; callibration weight; glosso; full tank

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