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Originally Posted by Chaoslord View Post
Its diffenetly worth the drive. It's one hour for me probable 1 hour 20 mins for you. If I don't have to work I know I'll be at the next one.
Awesome, that isn't really too bad of a drive, well as long as my GPS doesn't fail me like it sometimes does .

Originally Posted by shinycard255 View Post
It's worth it. A lot of stuff you won't see at your LFS, plus almost all the fish (if not all) are from legit breeders so you are getting good quality. Decent plant selection usually too. A lot of low-tech plants, but you run across the others once and a while too.

Today they had 2x 50G Metaframe tanks and also a 10G Metaframe. I wanted to take the 10G, but I had to walk away. Don't know where I would put it , plus I doubt the wife would be too happy either
I will have to try and make the next one. Judging by the vendor list there is good amount of stuff I would be interested in. I like the sound of local breeders, they really seem to take much better care of their stock compared to large scale businesses. It's probably good that there isn't too many high-tech plants, I don't think I don't think I should buy any more .

I had to look up what a metaframe tank is, and they look amazing. Seems like something that would be fairly heavy, but would really be something different to have. That would be a hard tank to try and hide from your wife .

Random question, has there ever been any botia sidthimunki (dwarf loach) there?

Anyway, thanks to both of you, this sounds like a nice meet to go to. Seems like a good place to meet some nice people too.
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