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Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
How about writing down a plan of action that is as complete as you can possibly make it and put it someplace you know you can find it fast no matter what. Make sure you have any supplies you may need to move the tanks, buckets mostly. You could even make up an imaginary time line of how long different steps should take. Then you can stop worrying about what will happen if you have to move without much notice as you have a thought out plan made up.
I can do that up to a point, the biggest thing I worry about is not being able to have a big tank where we would go. We might have to live in a hotel for a time until we get a place, etc. Or we may end up moving across the country:/

I will focus on a plan that involves keeping and moving everything though, and if it comes to not being able to take everything then I'll try begging some friends and/or family to let me set up the tank at their place and I'll come and take care of it until I can do something else, heh. I can see the looks of annoyance from my family now!

I already have tubs for creatures to be moved in, just need to get a battery operated air pump or two. Some 5 gallon buckets with lids would be a good idea though, the tubs would be a bit hard to move with much water in them now that I'm thinking about it... I could use them for plants, wood, and substrate though.

I'll have to check the details on the inverter we have for the truck too, see how much it could power on the move.
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