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Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
Does this work by shining a beam of IR light through a length of air gap, and measuring the absorption in the wave length band that CO2 absorbs? If so, it must require a flow of air through the air gap. And, if that's the case there would be a minimum volume of air around the sensor that would be needed to refresh the air in the gap so it can follow the fluctuations in CO2 content. Or, am I off on a tangent here?
Since reading that the sensor has to "warm up" a little while before it produces reliable readings- I'd bet your description of how the sensor works is accurate. Providing for gas flow through the sensor will be an important step to keep it working accurately. I'm wondering if the sensor and a very small fan or other air moving device, could be mounted remotely in a sampling tube. The sampling tube would connected at both ends to a chamber that has a open end submerged in tank water. The air trapped in the tube would be constantly recirculated through the sensor, while the Co2 concentration would be allowed to diffuse freely in and out of the chamber, Similar to how a ph drop checker functions.

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