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From my experience with BBA, if you reduce the light level to 20-25 micromols of PAR at the substrate, and use CO2 at a relatively low bubble rate, so you never need to worry about hot it affects the fish, BBA is not a problem. Even if it shows up, it will grow so slowly you have plenty of time to schedule a BBA cleanup - shutting down the filter, lowering the water level, then squirting a tanks dosage of Excel mixed in a cup of water over all of the BBA to kill it. It does come back, but it takes a month or so to do it. Many plants will grow well, but slowly, at that light level too.

You can look at the charts in Lighting an Aquarium with PAR instead of Watts to get a good idea of how much PAR you have, or, much better, borrow a PAR meter to test it.

If you use plastic plants, and the same light level, you will still get BBA at the same rate. The only thing you gain is that you can't kill plastic plants with BBA.

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