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I have 2 300w aqueon submersible heaters, that will be placed in the sump to keep the temp. around 84F. I was planning to just keep some floating plants in the sump with a full spectrum bulb above them... if the lighting is too much I will throw some in the display. I found a few recipes for beefheart for discus and I plan to be making up a batch down the road. I plan to purchase older discus so the heavy feedings won't need to be as heavy. I have just about everything I need to actually get the tank running however I am lacking the uv sterilizer and I will be placing an order for driftwood and substrate and plants in a few weeks, after those arrive I will get the tank wet and start the cycle. I am going to seed it from the 29, however I do have some questions.... Ideally I would like to get the discus in the tank first to let them settle in and get thier boundaries set. But I am wondering if that will be necessary... it would be easier for me to move the driftwood and plants and fish over to the 90, get them up to temp, and use the current filtration in the sump to handle the bioload. Any ideas would be helpful, I will need to do some more research into plants that will do well in higher temps... The 50% change weekly would actually be very nice rather than daily, I will need to then start shopping around for a 50g barrel to keep the wc water so I can keep the temp up and the ro and tap mixed well. Being that I don't have much space in my apartment that may be a problem. I have to use ro, because my tap water is very alkali and the ph is in the high 7s. Does anyone have experience keeping discus at that ph??? If I could save the hassle I will. But if not healthy discus are well worth it. Im also considering looking for some peat to throw in the sump... any experience with that too?? Thanks for the input!
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