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Originally Posted by Schkrimpz View Post
He's talking about adding minerals to the RO water. RO water is chemically pure. I would think water without any minerals in it could cause all kinds of deficiencies. Maybe this is the cause of the dead shrimp? Obviously you should wait for somone more experience to chime in. The only experience with RO that I have had is with plant growing, and I know that with plants if you use RO and don't add in any micro nutrients to it, the plants will eventually die from lack of ca/mg/iron etc.
I have some Macro Micro Nutrient Mix from Aquarium that I have been using on another tank. Will this work for my dwarf baby tears?

I have also started to treat the tank with No-planaria from GLA. water turned cloudy. used a tablespoon for the whole 60p tank. hope I did not overdose.

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