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Well it's been a few weeks now and the water has cleared up significantly no thanks to super storm sandy no power for 5 days but thankfully no losses.

Saw a small ammonia spike a day or so after the lights came back on went from 0ppm to .5ppm ammonia, nitrites jumped to 2ppm and nitrates were at 20ppm was going to do a 25% water change but had things get in the way and ran out of time to work on the tank that night. The following afternoon I retested the water parameters expecting things to have only gotten worse and was quite surprised to see ammonia holding at 0ppm, Nitrites at 0ppm and nitrates at 0 - 5ppm. Kept testing daily for the last week and everything seems to be holding steady at 0,0,0-5ppm (ammonia,Nitrites,Nitrates). Seems like the tank has cycled and fairly quickly at that. I did add Dr. Tims one and only about 5 days after filling the tank so that might have helped speed things up quite a bit, also got some live plants from an established tank may have also been a contributing factor.

I also have 4 neon tetras in the tank since a friend saw I had the tank setup and gifted me a few fish so the tank "wouldn't be so boring." well happy to say that they are all alive and happy I was quite worried for them for the first few days since ammonia was climbing up to 1ppm was doing 50% WC every other night to try to keep it below .25ppm after 4 or 5 days of that ammonia stabilized down to 0 - .25ppm now it reads a constant 0.

Well on to a few pics these pics were taken Nov. 5 2012.

Left side of tank

Center of tank

Right side of tank Never mind the Bottle filter it was just temporary to filter the water during the power outage. Thankfully I had a large 12volt battery and an inverter to run the power head and the air pump.

Weird angled full tank shot

And some close up shots of some of the plants in the tank and the neons.

Will post some more recent pics soon.

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