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Originally Posted by xxUnRaTeDxxRkOxx View Post
I have cat litter in my 55 gallon tank, been almost a full year now, and I love the results from it. I use a specific brand called

Special Kitty: All Natural Kitty Litter - Find it at Walmart for a couple $.

It 100% all natural clay, doesn't crumble like other litters, and has a nice high CEC rate. Never effected my Ph, haven't lost a fish, or shrimp because of it, it's very cheap, and you get a lot for low the price.
I like this, gonna be setting up a 70g.
I'm trying to glean as much info as I can.
How does this sound, Special kitty as a base, on top of that play sand, for the final topping, gravel that I have from the old set up.

I like to DIY
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