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I'm going to have to check these places out at some point. I've been lucky enough to find everything I need at reasonable prices in my area, but I always like to check out new spots. I was hunting for assassin snails yesterday. I had trouble finding them, but checked out Rt 4 Aquarium for the first time. Nice selection, good prices. I called Absolutely Fish for the snails and, unfortunately, they had sold the last one. Their price.....$5.99!! Whoa!! I ended up in a little spot in (or near) Hackensack called Reef Encounter. Decent little spot. Nothing sectacular, but they do usually have some oddball items at good prices. They had japonica shrimp (forgot the price) and some red cherries ($3.99 each). I got my assassin snails there for $1.99! I also picked up a few plants for good prices.

Reef Encounter is worth checking out IF you are in the area. I wouldn't go way out of the way though. Their saltwater section is bigger than their freshwater section.
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