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Originally Posted by Naisi View Post
Great tank, I just got one myself and have been all over the internet looking for a light upgrade. You say your's will put you in the semi-high light range? And do you think it will have the power for a HC carpet? With co2 and ferts of course.

I'd say mine is probably around medium light range, i did say this tank is semi high tech because i end up adding pressurized CO2 system.

before i went with fugeray, i was actually considering of getting 16" Finnex Ray II instead, but it seems like the light is a bit too much for me. My intention is to make this tank a low-medium light setup, with CO2 supplement, nothing too crazy yet, as this is my first tank after all.

I have no experience with carpet plant yet, but i do know if you go Ray II with a spec V you should be able to grow anything, just be ready to deal with the algae as well

these posts might help

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