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Marineland LED Hanging Tutorial - Total Cost: About $15 (including shelf brackets)

Well, I did this on my 60P, so I figured I would do a photo tutorial since I was doing it again for this tank. The light I'm using is the double bright version, but this would work equally well for the other models, its all the same...As a side benefit, this is all reversible if you do it as I do, so you can always switch it back to factory style if you don't want to hang it anymore.

1. Remove these two screws! There's two on each side... Start on the end without the wire and switch...

2. After the screws are removed, simply slide off the end cap. It has a little bit of resistance but is easy enough to remove...

3. As you can see, the legs are quite long! This is what allows to it to fit tanks up to 48"

4. There's these two little white stoppers on each end. They prevent the legs from coming out of the fixture. These are easy enough to slide off on this end, but you'll need pliers of some kind to give you some extra grip and leverage.

5. Replace the end cap. You can then replace the screws, or leave them off if you really want or need to for some other reason. The end caps are secure enough without them, just don't go swinging from your light fixture and you'll be fine. That being said, I put the screws back as I like for it to look factory finished.

6. This end is slightly harder to do as a result of the wires and switch. Remove the screws but DO NOT pull the end cap off with force, remove it very slowly. If you do not remove it very slowly, you will severe/rip out the wiring and render your expensive LED light useless. The wires do NOT have a lot of slack, hence the need to be gentle.

7. This picture shows the wire, and the very little slack available on the wires. This is why you need to be careful!

8. Because there isn't much slack on the wire, before removing the end cap I recommend pulling the legs out about half way. This way you don't accidentally yank the whole end cap back accidentally/mindlessly while attempting to reach the white stoppers. A mindless accident here will rip the wires.

9. For some reason the white stoppers were much harder to remove on this side, which I don't remember being the case with the light on my 60P. Regardless, I got around it by using a mini screw driver wedged in between the gap in the stopper to separate it a little and widen it so it could be easily slid off.

10. Slide the end cap back on and replace the screws.

11. Four eye bolts. I used the 5/8" size, which is a perfect fit for the original leg holes.

12. Simply place the eye bolts into the holes where the fixture legs were. They come with nuts, but theres no easy way to attach them to the bolt and the lack of space in the slim fixture is an issue, so I leave them off. Note that the eye bolts simply slide into the leg holes with a bit of resistance. Therefore, theoretically they could slide out of the fixture and send it crashing into the tank if you insist upon using your LED fixture as a swing. That being said, I've never had an issue with it on my 60P, even after bumping into it violently multiple times, and I actually prefer it as if I want to remove the fixture to clean the tank or do some scaping, all I have to do is remove these bolts and put the fixture elsewhere instead of taking down the whole hanging setup.

13. S-Hooks. I use these to hang from the shelf brackets which then hold the chain which is connected to the light. On my 60P, I used hooks which are probably better. You can use whatever you want!

14. S-Hooks in Action...

15. S-Hooks in Action 2

16. Shelf, with shelf brackets and S-Hook Hangers.

17. Black Plastic Chain. Super cheap, somewhere around 61 cents a foot. I got two feet to be safe, and then trim later. You can get less if you want, just keep in mind it helps to have some extra in case you want to lower your lights.

18. More S-Hooks to connect the chain to the fixture. I used smaller S-Hooks for this, but you can use whatever size you want.

19. Attached and in action...




23. Done! Just have to cut the excess chain!

Thats it for the Marineland LED Hanging Tutorial!


-Tank Progress-

I've grown to love the LED accent lighting below my stand on my 60P, so I decided to do the same with this tank!

This stand doesn't have anything to drill into with the "top" of the stand being the bottom of the tank, so I needed something that would allow me to attach the LED accent lighting. I tried magnetic tape, but it wasn't strong enough as the LED light bar is quite heavy. Cue the industrial strength velcro tape!

I left the tape off the screws so I have access to the internals of the LED light bar in case I need to get into it for some reason, ya' never know...

Ta-Da! I had to let it sit for a while for the glue to dry, but I did a test attachment, and the velcro was so strong it nearly completely removed the back panel of the LED light bar when I went to remove it! So yeah, this stuff is rather strong

That's all for now!

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