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BBA ever present - what am I missing?

Some may or may not know the troubles I've had with BBA over the years.

I recently (about 2.5 months ago) got my tank set back up after moving. I bought all new substrate (Fluval Stratum), with a new hardscape, and ordered some plants from My light (4xT5HO) is up high, like 14-15" above the water line on a 75g tank. I'm running 2x for 2 hours, 4x for 4 hours and 2x for another 2 hours.

My CO2 turns on 2 hours ahead of my lights to start building up before they kick on and kicks off 1 hour before lights out. I can't give you a bubble rate, its way too fast to count.

I'm dosing EI with M/W/F - 5/8tsp KNO3, 3/8tsp K2SO4 and T/Th - 3/8 CSM+B, 3/8 KH2PO4

So to my knowledge this is doing everything properly. So why am I having a constant battle with BBA? I feel like my CO2 is up to the level of almost wasteful considering my Cerges reactor can be up to 1/2 full of built up CO2 when I get home from work. It simply can't diffuse any faster. Do I need to adjust my EI mix? I don't want to cut the light too much because a couple plant species really don't respond well to lower light (glosso, limno, blyxa).

Any ideas? I've tried dosing Excel before, and short of draining the water down so I can pour it directly on the BBA, I've found it ineffective even when double dosing for 2+ weeks.
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