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Originally Posted by plantednano View Post
This is not really true, your car is programmed to shoot x# of ml into the cylinder per combustion cycle. So whether you are using 87 or 93 the computer still pumps the same amount of fuel. Higher octane emsures more procise combustion making the motor run smoother wich in turn can also marginally increase power output. (unless you are in a performance oriented car most people probably can't tell the difference in power between 87 and 93)

This may not be the best option unless you already know of a station that has gas and no lines. Isn't jersey still in a juel pinch too? So that might just leave you with less fuel.

If you were going to venture out for gas, might be better off heading to nassau/suffolk. Driving through suffolk yesterday i witnessed a few stations servicing even number cars on an odd day bc there was literally no one else at the station. Apparently knowing your plate number is to much work for us in suffolk so no one bothered getting gas.

My sister lives in the Nassau county and she said he has to drive 30 minutes to get gas somewhere else.....

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