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TFG for a TDS meter, could have just killed $500 in CRS

So I normally just buy distilled water from my grocery store since I'm already there buying groceries and it's just a few more jugs to carry home. When I make a trip to my LFS, I get my RO there as it's really cheap, just not worth it if I'm not going there because of the distance and gas. My roomie wanted to go today, so went and go a 5gal jug filled.

Was just about to mix it up for my CRS tank and decided to test the RO with the TDS meter to make sure it good and my meter kept going to just "1" instead of "001". Thought it was odd, decided to test again, same thing. Took some tap water and started adding this "RO" water to the tap water to see how the TDS went. It should have went down, instead it went up. Fast. Very fast. About 100 ml of tap water was 180 TDS. Added about 20ml of this water, went up to 900ppm.

I just checked my TDS meter specs, it goes to 1999ppm, so the water is over 2000ppm.

Either they filled it with discharge water or it could be salt water. I'm not sure how high salt water is or what it tests on a TDS since they sell premixed salt there as well.

I tasted it, hard to tell if it tastes a bit salty. If it's waste water, it's probably going to taste slighty salty.

I am so glad I decided to test instead of just dumping in some gH booster and changing my water.

I am so mad, they are lucky they are closed right now or I'd call freaking. Loosing all my CRS would have not have been good....for them. lol.

Had to vent. Good thing I had about 5 1gal jugs of distilled sitting here, that I know are always 0ppm, sealed jugs.

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