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Seth's 72g low tech "the reject tank"

My girlfriend use to have a big problem with buying fish before doin the neccasary research.

This tank was originally a brackish tank for her green spotted puffers and other bw fish we picked up to go along.

She slowly stopped maintaning the tank and I hate mixing saltwater every week. I also dislike her black ghost knife eating all my cardinal tetra an tearing up my ground cover.

So I convinced her to go low tech fw planted. I killed two birds with one stone. The bgk is out of my tank and I gave the bw fish to another member.

I cannot post pictures right now due to a server error this makes this pointless lol)

1 black ghost knife
3 geophagus sp.
4 angels
3 Congo tetra
10-20 varied nerites
1 bala shark(soon to go back to the Lfs)

Blyxa japonica
Crypt wendti
Amazon sword
Echinodorus bleheri
And a few others in not sure of the name

I will get pics posted ASAP.

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