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Painted the counter black. I'm looking for some black fabric to wrap the whole cabinet in.

I still need to paint the PVC light rig black.

Found a few rocks at my local landscape company. Not as unique as I was wanting, but I think it'll work. They were boiled and passed the vinegar test.

Trying to convince the wife into a 2215 canister instead of dual AC20s. It's not going well, so I might just have to stick with the AC20s for now.

Here's the layout I want for the hardscape.

IMG_7026 by iadubber, on Flickr

I'm really surprised at how much dirt was lost in the rinsing process of a full bag of MGOPM. I hope I have enough to accomplish what I want for substrate shaping. I want to go higher in the back corners and slope them down. Maybe have Crypt Wendtii in the front right and DHG in the front left.

I decided against ferns and anubias in this tank. I just don't like them in my 10. I'd rather have all rooting plants for a cleaner look.

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