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October just flew by. Iíve been really busy so I decided let the plants just "grow out." Last week I cut 24 large Foxtail stems and traded them in to a local fish store (LFS). Each was in the 10-16 inch range. Yesterday I cut the Rotala rotundifolia down and replanted 115 stems in the middle back of the aquarium. I have been doing twice weekly water changes and feeding them when they look hungry (about 5 cubes per day). Both Cardinals and Discus have become comfortable with each other. The Cardinals are similar to vultures when I drop a blood worm cube. They swoop in quickly, gobbling up stray floating blood worms.

The Pigeon Blood Red discus are starting to get more white patches and are quickly becoming my favorite fish in the tank.

I have been on a de-snailling vendetta. It seems like they were eating my sword plants and turning them yellow and sick looking. Since they have almost all been gone, I have gotten new leaves that are vibrantly green just like they used to look. That made me happy because I thought maybe my plants were old and dying and I was going to have to get rid of them. Turns out they are doing okay J

The dwarf hair grass (DHG) is thriving at the bottom and is green and longer than ever. The DHG has many off shoots that the discus sometimes rip up while they scavenge for lone blood worms.

Recently also acquired a new pet! He is friendly, quite, and loves to explore/run. Very pokey but also gentle. He eats a special kind of cat food and the cats both like his food better than what they get.

The first fish tank shot (FTS) is after I cut the foxtail but prior to cutting the Rotala. The next shot is after I cleaned up the foxtail and Rotala and replanted them both.

Thatís all that has happened for the month of October. Enjoy!
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