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Originally Posted by AoxomoxoA View Post
Red Devil Crabs (Geosesarma species) are mainly terrestrial, they only need a small water area if any. High humidity is important. They are not brackish. Their natural habitats are woods, near sources of running fresh water. Toss them some dead or alive crickets or whatever bugs you have lying around. They'll start recognizing you.

Try Googling Geosesarma, you'll get more hits with information you're looking for. HTH
thank you, i couldn't even find anything even giving me a direction to look in.

i tried to giving them live crickets the other day, the had no intrested, however there is no dry land right now just rocks sticking out of the water. which i will be re-doing tues on my day off :-)

Originally Posted by slowfoot View Post
You might have better luck in the 'shrimp and other invertebrates' section, since crabs are neither reptiles nor amphibians
i posted over there and it was suggested i repost here, so there is a link to this thread over there

Originally Posted by AoxomoxoA View Post
Just gotta be patient sometimes, easy to miss stuff if you're not hitting "new posts" every 10 minutes.

Also, Aquatic Delight, there are no stupid questions. It seems not a lot of people have kept these. This thread & others will have some good info soon --->
vampire crabs
i had no idea that vampire crabs are cared for in a similar manner. thats a good jumping off point. thank you.

Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
Nothings a stupid question. Sometimes it just takes time. I've never kept any sort of crabs before so I can't help but hopeful someone that has can help. I know its hard but just be patient.
oh i know there isn't, but it gets a little stressful when theres little or no info on the web and no responses here.


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